Welcome to Estiem !

Estiem is an exiting network of open minded students with a professional approach.

ESTIEM, the organisation of European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management, represents more than 45,000 students in 23 countries and is the only Europe-wide network linking 65 IEM universities.

LG Lyon

LG Lyon was founded in 2002. It gathers student from GI department of the french engineering school INSA de Lyon www.insa-lyon.fr. Since then, the LG has been active in the ESTIEM network, organizing one Council Meeting , two TIMES semi-final, one TIMES final, two visions and one activity week. BEsides, Every Year, LG Lyon is organizing TIMES local qualifications

This Year, the LG Lyon will organise two main events : a Vision (5th to 12th December 2010) and a TIMES Semi-final (31st to 5th Februar 2011).

here is a small video to present Lyon and the different events we organize :


ESTIEM is the only Europe-wide organization of students of Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM). Our goal is fostering relations between IEM students across Europe and supporting them in their personal and professional development. We achieve this by organizing a diverse portfolio of activities and events, and by providing a platform for communication and intercultural exchange.

We promote the concept of IEM by establishing contacts between students, companies and institutions. Contributing to mutual understanding across Europe, our unique ESTIEM spirit stands for overcoming borders, being open minded and combining work and fun.


Intercultural values: We benefit from our cultural diversity. It opens our minds, enables us to think in European dimensions and helps building international friendships.

Network: We believe in a strong, interacting network as the foundation of our organization.

Atmosphere: The ESTIEM-spirit creates a motivating atmosphere of tolerance, friendship and fun combined with professionalism. It encourages successful teamwork.

Development: Being active in ESTIEM gives our members the chance to develop on a personal and professional level. They gain practical experiences and important soft-skills needed in today's business life. Through our partners we facilitate contacts between students and companies. We ensure the continuity and learning ability of our organization. Our innovative and entrepreneurial culture is a driving force behind continuous improvement of ESTIEM.